About the game

Dust Fleet is a space-based real time strategy game where you build and manage a fleet of starships. Deploy your fleet to defend a sector of space from a hostile force. The ships, weapons and tactics that you use are all up to you.

Each ship in your fleet can be outfitted with weapons and modules that you acquire from derelict enemy ships or alliances that you forge as you expand across the starmap.

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Latest screenshot: Powering through

New screenshots are added constantly as the game evolves through the development process.

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Latest from the Dev Blog

Dev Blog #15: Attack Ships on Fire Off the Shoulder of Orion

Dust Fleet has been maintaining radio silence for a while, but it's time for an update. The past few months has been extremely busy, and the game is looking better than ever. If you like space ships, lasers, explosions and cinematic space battles all mixed in with strategy and management, read on!