About the game

Dust Fleet is a space real time strategy game where you build and manage an armada of starships, and use it to defend a sector of space from a hostile rogue government. The ships, weapons and tactics that you use are all up to you.

The Setting

A series of unexplained wormholes connects the colonies of the human race, and allows fast travel, trade and commerce between them. The wormholes are stable and apparently ancient, and have enabled mankind to flourish. It's widely believed that the wormholes are artificial, created to allow easy travel from star to star.

No one has ever fully understood why, but in one sector of space, the wormholes don't seem to lead anywhere. The Dust Zone is a network of wormholes between areas of space devoid of planets. However, the idea of not being planet-bound appealed to many people. That and the discovery of some very rare minerals was enough to convince corporations and colonists to build stations there to live in. Over time, these "spacers" became isolated and self-contained in the Dust Zone.

But something is happening there, on the edges of the sector. Stations are falling out of the communications loop. Ships are disappearing.

Scouts sent by the spacers point to one thing - an invasion.

The Game

Trying to make a show of taking responsibility, a disinterested EarthGov has dispatched you and your tiny, underpowered fleet to defend the Dust Zone. As you explore, you'll work with space stations, make allies and find resources to help you.

As the enemy begins to advance across the map you'll need to use your time wisely, building up your fleet and defending as many locations as you can. Your fleet will be spread thin across the Dust Zone as you defend on multiple fronts.

You'll need to do everything you can to slow down the advancing force, from crippling their resource supply to outmaneuvering and destroying their ships.

The stakes are high - millions of people work hard and live their lives on stations throughout the sector, and none of them want to be captured, killed or enslaved. They're counting on you to fight for them.